Outdoor activities summer 

We don't just offer activities; we offer epic adventures right from your doorstep! Plan ahead or go with the flow - we're up for any escapade you fancy. Elevate your farm stay with extra fun and excitement!


  • 1.5 hours: €60 per tour

Doghiking with picnic/bonfire cooking, half Day Trip:

  • €85 per person (includes food)

Family Program Huskies:

  • Half-Day Experience: €120 per 

Ride with dogcart as passenger:

  • 1 hour: €90 per tour

Ride with dogcart as your own Driver:

  • 1 hour: €110 per person

Bikejöring Tour:

  • 1 hour: €70 per person

Pony Hiking:

  • 1.5 hours: €70 per tour

Rentals available:

  • Stand-Up Paddleboard: €30 per day
  • Fishing equipment: €15 per day
  • Harnesses/leashes/belts for canicross, hiking, or dog scootering: €10 per day

Training Sessions for You and Your Canine Companion

Join the canicross/bikejöring/scootering or canitrail fun with these tail-wagging experiences:

  • Rookie Adventure: Dive in with an intro, gear check, first training, and a keepsake in a 2-hour blast for 80€ per person.

  • Half-Day Beginner Blast: Get geared up, train like a champ, and grab a personal plan for 120€ per person.

  • Pro Team Tune-Up: Dive deep with a team check, personal plan, gear check, and practice in a 3-hour session for 100€.